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Products & Brands

Below are the products and brands that B L Marshall Ltd represent. Please click on any of the links below to be redirected to our online catalogue.

Woodcroft Industries: This is a range of New Zealand made wooden products, including a large range of legs, pin and plug buttons, knobs, fiddley spindles and finger pulls. Packaging options include loose, header carded or clamshell packs.

Spot On: This is our premium quality house brand, we repackage a large number of products with this branding including: trimmer line, plastic products, dowel, cast iron grates / toby boxes, v-pulleys, plumbing components, washers, sink plugs and brass builders hardware

English Chainn: We carry the largest range in the country of bathroom chains and accessories. Including chandelier, oval link, straight link and  ball chains as well as pre-made sink chains.

Cubro Safety Grabrails: This range includes a wide range of stainless steel, powder coated and reinforced plastic grab rails at very competitive prices.

Ezimate: The Ezimate handle is a labour save device that attaches to any long handled tool. It reduces back and hand fatigue and helps prevent blisters and chafing.

Haron International: The Haron range includes a comprehensive range of jointing products, tools and vents. B L Marshall are the exclusive agents for the Haron brand within NZ.


Sensible: Supplied by Aakland chemicals this range includes a fast acting outdoor cleaner, a slow release outdoor cleaner and an environmentally friendly and very effective graffiti remover.

Words' Worth Signs: Made in New Zealand, these signs are top quality. The range comprises of stick on and table top signs which are foil printed on toughened 3mm plastic.

Fynspray: The Fynsray brand has been around for years and is synonymous with quality. The range consists of garden sprinklers, hose fittings and sprayers. We also carry a full range of service parts and seals.

Lenlok: Made in Australia the Lenok range includes premium quality grab rails, steel tubing, garage door locks and a selection of builders hardware.

White Star Products: White Star Products are local manufacturers who also supply us with the Fynspray range. Products under the W.S.P. brand include; doorclosers, brass knobs, toothbrush racks, soap dishes and door security chains.

Fineline: A range of New Zealand made synthetic braid and sash cord in a variaty of colours including, white, black, red, yellow and blue. Sizes available from 0.5mm through to 9.0mm. 

Riverbank Woodware: Another New Zealand made range manufactured in-house by B L Marshall. The range consists mainly of wooden kitchenware including breadboards, spoons, paper towel racks and rolling pins, but also includes wooden key racks and a number of wooden sundry products. Most products are available in both pine and rimu.

Nailers Workgear: This is a range of top industrial quality knee pads. Nailer Xtreme Knee Pads come with a Gel SuperCushion; unlike the foam in traditional knee pads, the Gel in Nailer's Xtreme Pads always bounces back to give you more protection and comfort. After using Nailer's Xtreme Knee Pad's, you'll never go back to a conventional foam pad. Try them for yourself!

Ranex: Ranex is an industrial strength rust remover and rust and stain remover. It penetrates deep to chemically destroy rust.

Feltonmix: B L Marshall have distributed Feltonmix products for a number of years now. We mainly concentrate on their core products such as designer wall sets, mixing valves, replacement parts and washer kits.

The Hedgehog: The hedgehog three-dimensional gutter protection system is an award winning product that keeps out leaves, birds and rodents - delivering cleaner healthier rainwater.

Bostik: We supply a range of Bostik products including PVC pipe cement, clear bond, No.4 solvent and plastic putty (putty seal).

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